Conceria la Bretagna

If you like to catch the details and nuances that go beyond the” display window” of a place, of its history, of its people, …

If you can appreciate the quality, the beauty, the naturalness, the scent of leather hides … then we welcome you to our tannery.  
Giovanni Testi

We established the tannery in 1961, calling it “LA BRETAGNA” precisely because that is the French region from which we have always bought raw skins. The pastures in that beautiful land have always been the best ones compared to the entire European panorama.
Since the beginning, we “married” ecological, natural and biodegradable philosophies, founding our production on VEGETABLE TANNING. It consists in using natural tannins composed by organic substances such as tree barks, leaves, fruits and vegetable oils that make the leather soft and guarantee that it has long-life.
Our specialization has always been the production of tallow-stuffed and HAND-PADDED (Art. “ Aged “,Art. “ Soft “)  KIP (Art. Arizona, Art. Arizona SH, Art. Pecos), carried out by the expert hands of skilful workers who continue to dye the skins one by one.
In recent years we have introduced, besides the classic line of leather suitable for leather goods, belts and footwear, also a wide set of LUXURY leather suitable for the most varied uses, from the production of armchairs and sofas to pavements and coverings.  

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